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Fly without wings and experience the thrill of viewing the land from a new perspective. Our lightweight, free-flying and foot-launched gliders not only let you feel like a kite, but also ensure your safety as it’s our primary concern. Our pilots take care of your safety while you enjoy your flight!

Rock Climbing

Set your limits high... Experience a new work out by climbing the high mountains and find a different you! We help you reach new heights with aid of latest special equipment that ensures your safety without compromising your comfort. Our experienced staff provides us the confidence to introduce this adventurous activity at our guest home. Happy climbing!


Enjoy one of the most electrifying and exciting sport activities that allows you to encounter unpredictable behavior of the waves with all the safety measures provided. A complete crew works in unison to navigate the river in an inflatable raft, that leaves you with an unforgettable experience for life.

Trekking and Skiing

Keep your backpacks ready as we take you on an adventurous walk. We have a special base camp and we provide you several types of altitudes for trekking. Not only this, we let you glide over the white snow blanket as we also offer skiing equipment.

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